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TP 2 Seater WH

14,800.00 14,500.00
2 seater Wh comes with only white colour and very comfortable for the visitor and other domestic pupposes. Can also

TP 3 Seater Visitor chair(WH)

20,300.00 20,000.00
3 seater Wh is an indian brand chair used for visitor stop purposes with 3 people can adjust easily.

Visitor Chair( TP -HC 02)

3,700.00 3,500.00
Indian product with a year of warranty and no chance of rusting like other metals chair, coz it is made

Visitor Chair( TP- HC 01)

3,700.00 3,600.00
Hc 01 is an unique designed visitor chair with 1 year of warranty with red colour labelled, supported by the

Visitor chair( TP-811)

6,600.00 6,300.00
1 year of warranty, made in india product  on sale.

Visitor Chair( TP-920)

6,300.00 6,000.00
Simple yet but beautiful and comfortable one, comes with the long back rest.

Visitor Chair( TP-HC 03)

4,900.00 4,700.00
Single sitter visitor chair on sale, Indian product with warranty in hand and much more reliable to use and mess

Visitor Chair(TP -845)

4,600.00 4,500.00
Small sized visitor chair with the cheapest price , easy to carry around and simple.

Visitor Chair(TP-817)

6,300.00 6,100.00
Bit tall visitor chair with year of warranty , limited on stock.